In response to a discussion on the supposed “Stealth QT” going on with Bank Repo market. Essentially this means Banks are repurchasing bonds (and according to some sources the Fed is selling its US Treasury Bills / Bonds in this market… further research is required here, but here is where my mind goes on how the economic levers move and what gears they turn with a bit of game theory forward induction for each of the major players here (Banks, Central Banks, Investors).

Nick: “If the fed starts real QT everything implodes faster than you can imagine. I mean every…

KLON at Tipping Point

I’ve been farming KLON in the WBTC-KLON farm as well as the WBTC-KBTC farm.

I recently took a large bet on KLON at $250 and was rewarded with an immediate gain to $350 so that bodes well for KLON holding its support (above the pink line)… but it might not.

Every time the market has handed me a quick win it’s been right to hold.

At the same time the chart on KLON had been teetering in the brink of a (final?) breakdown to a further low.

I do believe KLON is fundamentally a workable system…

ETH bounces with a long tail off the 1500 level support

Should you take this as a dead cat bounce and throw in the towel on your crypto?

Before I did this research I only made one trade, I sold ETH to buy more XOR, but more on that later…


No, I don’t think so. The longer-term trend line on ETH is still intact, and this was a vertical and temporary break of the trend. It can be caused by market manipulation — market makers that want to force liquidate leveraged positions. It is also exacerbated by traders who see this as a clear trade to make as liquidations are…

So my LINK / BTC trade went +100% in BTC terms in 2 weeks. I’m seeing something similar in RLC. This is a bit more speculative coin, RLC, but could be a good corporate play similar to UBT. In this frothy DeFi market it is a good way to diversify my portfolio into some alts that are still value plays on the ETH exchange rate.

RLC vs. ETH over last 3 months, has broken out of flat base
  1. Downtrend broken — it moved horizontally through the downward pink trend line.
  2. Resistance becomes Support — It returned to the downward trend line and the .008 level held support forming a double bottom around 1st…

The news of Tesla buying BTC makes the 20k breakout look small

News of Elon Musk and Tesla snatching up $1.5 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin has the commodity soaring 18% today! Yes, the the richest man in the world and one of the top 10 biggest companies in the world altered their corporate policy and put more USD into BTC than Michael Saylor.

This is world changing news!

World War III will be a monetary war, and it will be fought over who gets all of the BTC (and ETH). …

ETH failed to hold its breakout of the 1700 level, it went to 1750 then sold off below 1700, the breakout horizontal line. This is a failed breakout. Yes, it climbed back and went to 1740 agin, but this is not what I’d consider a strong breakout — and it shouldn’t be — it’s up already 450 points with virtually no pull back. That may be ok, but from a 1500 psychological number the next big target is $1750, and it hit it and sold it. …

I sold 80% of my remaining 20% of LINK today for ETH and then will go ETH to SNOW and NDX.

SNOW 1-hour chart

SNOW was at the lower horizontal 135 resistance becomes support line, when Nick sent me the video he made on it. I needed to figure out how much to buy and from what, so by the time I finished looking at my portfolio it was at $145 when I grabbed it.

I just bought SNX at $19. Within 5 min it rallied .50. Don’t be afraid though. You can buy the $20. Here’s why…

AAVE is up about 500% from when Alts started rallying (AAVE started at about $85 to $100 when Alts rallied hard the first day of Alt season, now at $500) whereas SNX has been strong, but lagging UNI and AAVE. I believe SNX has some catching up to do. It started about $7 and is now at $20, up but not even 300%. Yes 300% is a large number, but that is still par for the course…


University of Michigan Bachelors in Economics, Level II CFA and CMT

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