Does the protocol have a burning mechanism in the smart contract? This is one of the most important questions for any currency in which you might consider investing.

If the ecosystem does have a burning component to the design this is a great thing! It means that the currency could…

So we initially have this question: How should I understand what I am buying when I buy a crypto coin?

Q #1 Profits:

Does it give me rights or a claim to some profits (operating profits) of the protocol similar to a dividend in a stock?

Q #2 Assets & Equity:

Do I own the protocol application (asset)…

DAI is a small % of market cap of stable coins, but large enough to be used everywhere and is loved in Defi by users because of its decentralized nature

In response to a discussion on the supposed “Stealth QT” going on with Bank Repo market. Essentially this means Banks are repurchasing bonds (and according to some sources the Fed is selling its US Treasury Bills / Bonds in this market… further research is required here, but here is where…

KLON at Tipping Point

I’ve been farming KLON in the WBTC-KLON farm as well as the WBTC-KBTC farm.

I recently took a large bet on KLON at $250 and was rewarded with an immediate gain to $350 so that bodes well for KLON holding its support (above the pink line)……

ETH bounces with a long tail off the 1500 level support

Should you take this as a dead cat bounce and throw in the towel on your crypto?

Before I did this research I only made one trade, I sold ETH to buy more XOR, but more on that later…


No, I don’t think so. The longer-term trend line on…


University of Michigan Bachelors in Economics, Level II CFA and CMT

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