So we initially have this question: How should I understand what I am buying when I buy a crypto coin?

Q #1 Profits:

Does it give me rights or a claim to some profits (operating profits) of the protocol similar to a dividend in a stock?

Q #2 Assets & Equity:

Do I own the protocol application (asset)…

KLON at Tipping Point

I’ve been farming KLON in the WBTC-KLON farm as well as the WBTC-KBTC farm.

I recently took a large bet on KLON at $250 and was rewarded with an immediate gain to $350 so that bodes well for KLON holding its support (above the pink line)……

ETH bounces with a long tail off the 1500 level support

Should you take this as a dead cat bounce and throw in the towel on your crypto?

Before I did this research I only made one trade, I sold ETH to buy more XOR, but more on that later…


No, I don’t think so. The longer-term trend line on…


University of Michigan Bachelors in Economics, Level II CFA and CMT

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