BTC is Gold, ETH is BTC, DOT is ETH, and the Flippening is Finally Happening

The entire market sold off last night. This is typically the best time to reorganize your funds onto the strongest coins as of late. DOT has by far been the surprise of this bull run. We all expected SNX, AAVE, UNI, and the other Ethereum DeFi alts to rally hard with ETH, but it seems the market is really flippening in that it’s recognizing the alternative blockchains are going to be alive and thrive. I believe for years these blockchains have been wrongly suppressed because crypto in general has been wrongly suppressed. Now with the validation of Michael Saylor, and the 20k breakout, the world is forced to acknowledge these other assets are supremely undervalued. ETH exchange rate will never go back to under .03, but will rise to .15 (roughly where ETH and BTC are equal market caps). It will need to consolidate this idea before ETH takes over as THE crypto currency as it has the best blockchain (biggest country / biggest economy).

DOT is the new ETH in that it is the the best up and coming blockchain, and may usher into a whole new era of streamlined transactions, fast, secure, and low transaction fees. XLM would function as a great crypto currency as well except that the ecosystem is just very different to the DeFi / smart contract world of Dapps. XLM is more of a rail play for big business and larger money moves.

So the overall market let’s recap what happened:

BTC went through a scare, then just a boring reclaim to subside fears as DOT shot to the moon, then ETH blasted to ATH and said well not quite yet and sold off last night.

Now the market seems to be nearly complete with the rounds. It has shown its hand, and the winners will likely be winners again if this bull run continues. We need BTC and ETH to make new highs to be in this market still and BTC has been showing some panic then definite laziness, but I put that in the scope of we have realized crypto is here to stay and that means a LOT of alt coins need a LOT of investment. That will undeniably temper BTC, and that means this may not be the BTC moon breakout we’ve seen before. That could be a good thing as it could prove to move more slowly and sustainably. This could rather be the ETH story and the ETH flippening we are seeing rolling out this breakout of 2021. This means apparently DeFi will come with it and even likely outperform it.

The crypto markets are going to be interesting this year for sure. Gone are the days you can just sit in your BTC and hope to be made a multi millionaire — at least not at the speed of the days of old. I have a feeling it is ETH’s turn to be BTC and DOT’s turn to be ETH. LINK’s turn to be well LINK, and so I am heavy on LINK as that is one that I could see whereas DOT sort of faked me out. I did just cave and get back in my DOT today and will add to it to more than restore my original shares of DOT as it now warrants a larger part of my portfolio.

SNX has been sort of my favorite as it always gives me good chances to get out and get back in, and that is sort of how I’m wired, more of a trader because of my bearishness and fondness for trendlines.

Here is what I’m seeing today:

I woke up to $14 SNX and another chance to convert my ETH to LINK (.015 support held). I thought well it’s right at prior resistance which has shown to be support already. Always a bit afraid I could be buying right at what becomes the bear market, but have to just admit that’s what I did if that is what it shows after I buy. Right now though, this looks like a buying opportunity. ETH will reclaim its highs, it was a good strong bull candle yesterday. I think the market is just not sure why BTC is not following yet, but they will find out it is because it is the beginning of the ETH flippening.

I didn’t go in hard here since it’s still a bottom pick, but likely would have been correct to, and then just play defense. I did pick up a little bit though in the 14.40s before the 14.50s put in a high.

These are bullish relative strength on LINK, CHI and ALPHA.



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University of Michigan Bachelors in Economics, Level II CFA and CMT