I just bought SNX at $19. Within 5 min it rallied .50. Don’t be afraid though. You can buy the $20. Here’s why…

SNX Key Facts

  1. It is a derivatives trading platform that allows users to interact by depositing their SNX tokens (staking) they can then trade silver, gold, and many other things. There is real user demand for the SNX coin so they can use the protocol and they taking rewards for depositing.
  2. There is a hedge against the potential debt pool losses at DHedge.org, so you don’t really need to be at risk of the debt pool. Just go to DHedge.org and check that out.
  3. Lastly, its included in the 3 major DeFi Indexes: DeFi Pulse’s DeFi Index (the biggest DeFi index fund), Power Pool’s Power Index (PIPT) and (ASSY) and PieDAO’s (DeFi+L) as well. It’s a major player.
  4. There are rumors that SNX is adding ability to leverage 10x and potentially 100x which might seem scary for some people but it’s a feature a lot of traders will like so it doesn’t increase the risk on SNX token just the value of the protocol (demand for SNX token).

Mutual Funds and Indexes that Include SNX as a Top Holding

SNX Debt Pool Mirror
Power Index (PIPT) and ASSY Index (ASSY) Inclusions
PieDAO’s DEFI+L Inclusion
DeFi Pulse Index Inclusion

Here is what Nomics.com has to say about SNX:

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